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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

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                name£ºFLEXIM economy ultrasonic flowmeter ADM5107/5207

                introduction£ºThe FLUXUS ADM 5107/5207 is FLEXIM's solution for many flow metering applications found in the water and wastewater sector and adjacent industries. As FLEXIMs basic and economic alternative, the ADM 5107/5207 offers the same benefits in terms of accuracy and reliability as its bigger brothers, the FLUXUS ADM 7407 and ADM 8027.
                The FLUXUS ADM 5107/5207 offers a precise bi-directional flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio and not only at high, but especially at  low flow velocities due to its matched and paired transducer pairs, offering a superior zero stability, and the superior measurement algorithms embedded in the flow computer. With its water-tight IP67 transducers and a permanent coupling due, it is also thought for outside use at drinking water pipelines or similar applications and is virtually maintenance free. Especially here, at pipe diameters up to 2500 mm, it is a better and much more cost effective alternative to other measurement technologies, such as MIDs.
                As of its high repeatability, the FLUXUS ADM 5107/5207 also offers the possibility for leak detection when placing multiple measurement systems at one pipeline. Especially at night, when temperatures are more even and only low flow velocities are common in drinking water lines, leakages can clearly be identified and such reading transferred to a process control system.

                • Features
                  • Non-invasive flow measurement with high measuring accuracy for stationary use
                  • Precise bi-directional, highly dynamic flow measurement
                  • Water-tight transducers (IP 67) are characterised by their high robustness
                  • Simple retrofitting of measurements in existing networks and systems without interrupting the supply or the need for pipe work
                  • User-friendly menu navigation - the firmware is specifically adapted to the needs of the water industry
                  • For nominal diameters of
                  • Installation and commissioning can be carried out during operation
                  • Digital signal processor (DSP) and signal processing ensure stable and reliable results even under difficult measurement conditions
                  • High measuring accuracy, even at low flow velocities
                  • Cost-efficient for large rated diameters
                • FLUXUS® ADM 5107/5207: The permanent flow meter for water and wastewater applications
                  Flow channels 1 (optional 2)
                  Operating temperature of the transmitter 14¡ãF ... 140¡ãF
                  Degree of protection (acc. to EN60529) Transmitter: IP66 / Transducer: IP67
                  Outputs 1x (2x) current, 2x binary
                  Media temperature -40¡ãF ... 210¡ãF
                  Pipe diameter range 0.4 inch ... 7.5 feet
                  Flow velocity range 0.03 ... 75 ft/s
                  Measurement accuracy ¡À 2 % of reading, ¡À0.03 ft/s
                  Repeatability ¡À 0,25% of reading, ¡À0.03 ft/s
                  Available as 240V or 24V (DC) power supply version

                • Please call  conasen hotline 4006005217  for ADM5107/5207 details!
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