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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

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                name£ºSIKA VT Series Turbine Flow Meters

                introduction£ºThe turbine flow sensors of the product line Turbotron are sensors for flow measurement or dosing applications for liquids.
                Because of the very compact design, the very wide measuring range and the convincing precision of measurements, the Turbotron
                has almost unlimited applications. Depending on the ordered version, the Turbotron is available with nominal diameters DN 15,
                DN 20, DN 25 and DN 40.

                • >Fixed pulse rate, thus practically no serial deviation
                  >Wide measuring range from 1:20 to 1:42 (depends on model),
                  therefore universally applicable
                  >High degree of accuracy ensures reliable measurement
                  >High quality sapphire bearing, low abrasion and extremely
                  long running period
                  >Specially designed guiding blades ensures uniform flow to
                  the rotor from four sides, thus tremendous reduction of wear
                  >Any position can be versatile installed
                  >Permanent operating temperatures
                  up to 150 ¡æ (VTP version)
                  >Compact dimensions
                  >Proven in numerous OEM-applications
                  >Long endurance
                  ?Temperature measurement can be integrated (option)
                • VTH15 technical data
                  Material pipe section     Brass
                                            Plastic PPO
                  Measurement range         2...40 l/min - with continuous flow max. 20 l/min
                  Accuracy                 ¡À0.4 l/min
                  Reproducibility          ¡À0.1 l/min
                  Medium temperature
                  Max.                     85¡æ

                  Pressure rating          PN 10
                  Nominal diameter         DN 15
                  Process connection       G3/4 male thread with union nuts and gaskets
                  Sensor Hall effect sensor
                  Pulse Output             855 pulses/litre
                  Electrical connection    1.5 m PVC cable, screened (Tmax = 70 ¡æ) or 4 pin plug connector M12 x 1
                  Power supply             4.5...24 VDC
                  Degree of protection     IP54

                  VTH25 technical data
                  Material pipe section    Brass
                                           Plastic PP
                  Measurement range        4...160 l/min - with continuous operation max. 80 l/min
                  Accuracy                 ¡À5 % of measured value (up to 5 l/min 7 % of measured value)
                  Reproducibility          ¡À0.5 %
                  Medium temperature

                  Brass                    Max. 85 ¡æ

                  Plastic PP               Max. 80 ¡æ / 2 bar
                                           Max. 60 ¡æ/ 5 bar
                                           Max. 30 ¡æ / 10 bar
                  Pressure rating         PN 10

                  Nominal diameter        DN 25
                  Process connection      G 1-1/4 male thread*
                  Sensor                  Hall effect sensor
                  Pulse output            65 pulses/litre
                  Electrical connection   2 m PVC cable, screened (Tmax = 75 ¡æ)
                  Power supply            10...30 VDC
                                          optional 4.5...26.5 VDC
                  Degree of protection    IP54

                  * Supplementary connection adapters required

                  VTM40 technical data
                  Material pipe section   Brass
                  Measurement range       0.4...25 m?h (6.7...417 l/min)
                  Accuracy                ¡À7 % of the measured value between 0.4...3 m?h
                                          ¡À5 % of the measured value between 3...25 m?h
                  Reproducibility         ¡À0.5 %
                  Medium temperature      Max. 85 ¡æ

                  Pressure rating         PN 50
                  Nominal Diameter        DN 40
                  Process connection      G 2 male thread, supplementary screwed connection recommended
                  Sensor                  Hall effect sensor
                  Pulse output            26.6 pulses/litre
                  Electrical connection   4 pin plug connector M12 x 1
                  Power supply            6.5...24 VDC
                                          short circuit proof and reverse polarity protected
                  Degree of protection    IP54

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