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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

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                name£ºFLOWLINE Echotouch Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LU20-IS

                Offered in CSA and Cenelec approved intrinsically safe or general purpose configurations, the two-wire ultrasonic transmitter provides noncontact level measurement up to 18¡¯ or 5.4m, and is ideally suited for challenging corrosive, slurry or waste liquids.The transmitter is calibrated in less than a minute using the LCD display, 4-button interface and intuitive calibration menu. All user set points are held in nonvolatile memory. In the event of acoustic signal loss, the transmitter will hold the current output at the user designated safe state.  

                • Features
                  LCD digital display indicates levelin inches or centimeters
                  PPenclosure rated NEMA4X withrugged Kynar ransducer
                  EasyCal simple push button cali-bration for all user set points
                  Adjustable dead band and rangefilters eliminate false echo returns

                • FLOWLINE intrinsically safe explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter LU20-IS specific parameters are as follows:
                  Range: 15cm-5.48m
                  Accuracy: ¡À 0.25% full scale resolution: 3mm
                  Dead zone: 15cm
                  Display type: four LCD cm / inch supply voltage: 14 --- 36 VDC
                  Surround Impedance: 900¦¸ @ 36VDC
                  Signal output: 4 ~ 20mA, reverse output mode: two-wire calibration: button calibration temperature compensation: the full-scale automatic failure diagnosis: 4mA, 22mA, or save the final value of the process temperature: -40 ¡ã C to +60 ¡ã C
                  Pressure: 2bar
                  Protection class: IP65
                  Shell Material: PP (polypropylene)
                  Sensor material: PVDF
                  Process connection: 2 "NPT or 2" G
                  Category: intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification: EN50082-2 immunity, EN55011, emission
                  Explosion-proof certification: the CSA Intrinsically Safe: Class I II III, Divl, Groups
                  A__F, EExia IICT3
                  CSA: LR79326/EEx: LCIE01.E6060X
                • Please call the customer service hotline conasen 4006005217
                • Please call the customer service hotline conasen 4006005217

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