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                name£ºThe UE 100 Series Pressure Switch


                The 100 Series is a cost-effective pressure and temperature switch
                for process plants and OEM equipment. The rugged, one piece
                enclosure features a slanted cover for wiring accessibility.
                A wide variety of microswitch and process-connection options
                make this versatile series ideal for applications requiring a rugged
                weather-proof mechanical switch.
                Typical applications that utilize the 100 Series are heat tracing,
                freeze protection, processing equipment (pumps, compressors),
                inputs for annunciator panels, and fire suppression systems.


                • features
                  100 Ser ies
                  “Clam shell?design
                  allows for ease in wiring
                  (pressure model shown)
                  Bulb and capillary
                  temperature model with
                  manual reset option
                  pressure model
                  ?UL listed and cUL certified.
                  ?CE compliant to low voltage
                  directive and pressure
                  equipment directive.
                  ?Optional ATEX or GOST intrinsic
                  safety compliance
                  ?Single switch (SPDT or DPDT)
                  ?Welded stainless steel
                  diaphragm models
                  ?Ultra low pressure, “wc models
                  ?Optional sensor material for
                  corrosive media
                  ?Polished stainless steel flushmount
                  ?Pump switch models with wide
                  adjustable deadband
                • specifications

                  Storage temperature -65 to 160°F (-54 to 71°C)
                  Ambient TEMPERATURE -40 to 160°F (-40 to 71°C); models 520-525, 540-548, 700-706, 15731-15736: 0 to
                  limits 160°F (-18 to 71°C); Set point typically shifts less than 1% of range for a 50°F (28°C)
                  ambient temperature change
                  Set point repeatability Temperature models: ?1% of adjustable range
                  Pressure models 15623, 15731-15737, 171-174, 218, 270-376, 520-535, 540-543, 700-
                  706, 560-564: ?1% of adjustable range; models 190-194, 183-189, 483-494, 544-548,
                  565-567, 610-680, 15884: ?.5% of adjustable range
                  Internal set point lock on all pressure models
                  Shock Set point repeats after 15 G, 10 millisecond duration
                  Vibration Set point repeats after 2.5 G, 5-500 Hz
                  Enclosure Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder coated, gasketed, captive cover screws
                  Enclosure classification Enclosure type 4X
                  Switch output One SPDT snap action switch; switch may be wired “normally open?or “normally closed?BR>Electrical rating 15A 125/250/480 VAC resistive except for H100-15623, 15731-15737, 15884, 20A
                  125/250/480 VAC resistive, B100-13546 and E100-13545, 22A/480 VAC. Electrical
                  switches have limited DC capabilities at 24-30 VDC, 2A resistive and 1A inductive. 125
                  VDC, 0.5A resistive, 0.03A inductive. Consult factory for additional information.
                  Weight 2-7 lbs; Varies with model
                  Electrical connection 1/2?NPT (female); Two 7/8?diameter knockouts
                  Pressure connection Models 15623, 218, 270-376, 610-680, 701-706, 15731-15884: 1/4?NPT
                  (female); Models 171-194, 483-494, 520-535, 15737: 1/2?NPT (female); Models 540-
                  548: 1/8?NPT (female); Models 560-564: 2?Sanitary Fitting; Models 565-567: 1.5?BR>Sanitary Fitting (Sanitary fittings mate with Tri-Clamp?fitting systems)
                  Temperature assembly Bulb and capillary: 6 feet 304 stainless steel except for E100-13545, 10 feet 304
                  stainless steel
                  Immersion stem: nickel-plated brass (standard) except for B100-13546 stainless steel;
                  optional 316L stainless steel
                  Fill Models 1BS/BC are solvent filled, models 2-8 non-toxic oil filled
                  Temperature deadband Type F typically 1% and type B, C, and E typically 2% of range under laboratory
                  conditions (70°F ambient circulating bath at rate of 1/2°F per minute change)
                  Heat tracing or Thermostats designed specifically for heat tracing and freeze protection ambient sensing
                  Freeze protection applications are available with types B100 and E100

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