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                name£º400 Series the UE mechanical pressure switch


                Weather series pressure switches have a variety of micro switches and a variety of process connection options, making the 400 series UE pressure switches to meet a variety of different needs.
                Because of its characteristics, the 400 series pressure switches are widely used in the protection and control, industrial process equipment and pumps, gas turbines, compressors, pulp and paper, water and sewage treatment industries.A wide variety of microswitch and process connection options, along
                with a weather-tight enclosure, make the 400 Series an ideal choice
                for most ordinary location applications. Its worldwide use is assured
                with approvals and certifications to agency standards.
                Widely used throughout the process industries, the 400 Series
                provides threshold protection and control for many critical functions.
                Typical installations are found in industrial gas production, energy
                generation including pumps, turbines and compressors, pulp and
                paper, and water and wastewater treatment.


                • features
                  ?UL listed and cUL certified.
                  FM approved.
                  ?CE compliant to low voltage
                  directive and pressure equipment
                  ?Optional ATEX or GOST intrinsic
                  safety compliance.
                  ?One, two or three switch outputs
                  may be separated up to 100% of
                  ?Wide variety of available options
                  and pressure sensor modules.
                  ?Most models available for
                  immediate delivery.
                • specifications
                  Storage temperature -65 to 160°F (-54 to 71°C)
                  Ambient TEMPERATURE -40 to 160°F (-40 to 71°C); set point typically shifts less than 1% of range for
                  limits a 50°F (28°C) ambient temperature change
                  Set point Temperature models: ?2% of full scale range
                  repeatability Pressure: models 126-376, 520-535, 540-547, 570-572, S126B-S164B: ?2% of
                  full scale range; models 440-457, 550-559: ?1% of full scale range; models
                  610-614: ?3% of full scale range
                  Shock Set point repeats after 15 G, 10 millisecond duration
                  Vibration Set point repeats after 2.5 G, 5-500 Hz
                  Enclosure Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder coated, gasketed, captive cover screws
                  Enclosure Designed to meet enclosure type 4X requirements
                  Switch output One, two or three SPDT switches, may be separated up to 100% of range except
                  models 521-524, 531-534: 50%; models 520, 525, 530, 535, 570-572: 30%;
                  switches may be wired “normally open?or “normally closed?BR>Electrical rating 15 A 125/250/480 VAC resistive. Electrical switches have limited DC
                  capabilities. Consult factory for additional information.
                  Weight Approx. 3 to 7.5 lbs.; varies with model
                  Electrical One 3/4?NPT and two 7/8?diameter knockouts
                  Pressure All models 1/4?NPT (female) except models S126B-S164B, 520-535: 1/2?NPT
                  connection (female); models 540-547: 1/8" NPT (female)
                  Temperature ‘E?types use the same assemblies as ‘F?types, however, range spans are limited
                  assembly due to use of reference dials
                  Bulb and capillary: 6 feet 304 stainless steel
                  Immersion stem: models 120 &121: nickel-plated brass; optional 316L stainless
                  steel available
                  Fill Temperature Models: Model 1BS: solvent filled; models 2-8: non-toxic oil filled
                  Temperature Type F typically 1% and type E, B & C typically 2% of range under laboratory
                  deadband conditions (70°F ambient circulating bath at rate of 1/2°F per minute change)
                  Differential Differential pressure indication available J400K, J402K models 147-S157B;
                  pressure indicator accuracy approximately 1-1⁄2% mid 50% of range, 3% at ends; window is
                  (option M210) plexiglass and gasketed; indicator may be field adjusted for approximately ?%
                  accuracy at any set point within range.
                • Please call Kangna Sen free customer service hotline4006005217 for details!
                • Please call Kangna Sen free customer service hotline4006005217 for details!
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