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                OFFICAL BLOG 笢恅唳 | ENGLISH

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                nameㄩMicrowave solid flowmeter-MONITOR SFI

                introductionㄩThe Model SFI Solids Flow Indicator can be used to infer the relative amount of flowing material within the target conduit (by
                monitoring the available analog signal). However, it should be noted that this device provides an output that should be considered,
                at best, a very rough estimate of the flow of material.The analog signal corresponds to the magnitude of the Doppler-shifted energy created by the flow of material through the microwave energy field.

                • Powder coated Nema 4 cast aluminum construction
                  Approved for Class II hazardous areas
                  Meets applicable FCC regulations
                  Screw-on/off cover
                  Teflon® process seal is standard
                  15-30VDC/Analog three-wire input/output (SFI only)
                • TRANSCEIVER
                  Power:15-30VDC, 100mA max.
                  Enclosure: Die-cast aluminum, polyester coated (beige)
                  Enclosure Protection: NEMA 4, IP66
                  Operating Temperature: -13?to +185?F (-25?to +85?C)
                  Process Temperature: 250?F (121?C) if ambient air temp. below
                                       150?F (65?C)
                  Process Seals: TFE Teflon? Ryton?BR>Pressure Ratings: TFE Teflon?(75 psi intermittent)
                  Ryton?(300 psi)
                  Process Connection: 1 1/4" NPT (1-1/2?w/ SS Adapter)
                  Conduit Connection: (2) 1/2" NPT
                  Detection Range: 0 to 10?free air, env. and target dependent
                  Sensitivity: Switch selectable HI/LOW
                  Minimum Velocity: 2.5 ft/sec
                  Isolation (SFI Only): 750 VPK isolation b/w sensor ground and
                                        user power supply/analog supply
                  Indicators: Green LED ?power
                              Yellow LED ?loop, intensifies with
                                            disturbance detected
                  Emission: 24.125 GHz, FCC & IC certified, energy
                            levels less than 1mW/cm2 (OSHA limit at
                  Approvals: FM, CSA, Class II Div. 1& 2 Groups E, F & G
                             CE Mark (SFI Only)

                • Please call conasen hotline 4006005217 for details!
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