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                name:ONE series UE electronic pressure switch

                One Series Dual Electronic Pressure, Differential Pressure & Temperature
                Switches are designed for critical alarm and shutdown applications in
                harsh hazardous environments. A local indicator provides continuous
                notifi cation that the device is powered, healthy and whether the switch
                has tripped. The patented I Am Working (IAW? self diagnostics assure the
                operator that the One Series will perform when called upon.
                Low level DC outputs (confi gurations D2A and D2B) may be used to trigger
                control circuits or as a discrete input to a process computer (DCS or PLC).
                Models confi gured with 115 VAC and 230 VAC input/output enable the One
                Series to be powered by an AC source and switch AC or DC loads.
                The switch output modes may be confi gured by the user in the fi eld without rewiring.
                An optional 4 to 20 mA analog output allows remote monitoring and
                trending of the process variable.
                The self-contained, compact package allows for easy retrofi t of mechanical
                switches or transmitters.
                Approved for Division 2 hazardous locations and harsh environmental conditions,
                this rugged design will stand up to your most demanding applications.

                • PRODUCT FEATURES
                  ?All Solid State Design
                  ?Two Independent Set Points
                  ?Patented I Am Working (IAW?
                  Self - Diagnostics
                  ?Class I, Division 2 Approved
                  ?Optional 4-20 mA analog output

                • Please call Kangna Sen free customer service hotline 4006005217 for details!

                • Please call Kangna Sen free customer service hotline 4006005217 for details!
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