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                nameㄩMONITOR SMU hammer level meter (host)

                introductionㄩThe introduction of SiloPatrol several years ago delivered the first truly robust sensor design, providing reliable and high value solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries worldwide. The second edition SiloPatrol SSEE incorporates significant advances in this field-proven approach to reliably monitoring the level of material in bins, silos and tanks up to 150ft (45.7m) in height. The SiloPatrol SSEE sensor technology is suitable for use with a multiplicity of powders, granules,slurries and liquids, even in the most harsh and dynamic conditions.
                The heart of the SiloPatrol SSEE system is the sensor itself. The second edition sensor, Model SMU (Silo Monitoring Unit), incorporates technological advancements,requires no field adjustments and its robust design provides virtually maintenance-free operation.
                The SMU is suited for most any application and can beequipped with a variety of mounting flanges and plumb bobs.
                The ※smart§ RS485 output version SMU can be connected with either the multi-functional Human Machine Interface (HMI) or with SiloTrack? PC-based Inventory Management Software that provides a flexible graphical interface for up to 128 sensors.

                • MONITOR hammer level meter 6-8531-1122 performance, application reliability, weight level meter mechanical and electronic components for durability in line with international standards, through the CE1010 standards; MONITOR level meter hammer excellent optical sensing system , completely sealed to ensure reliable performance, and has a user-friendly man-machine-sectional design. Hammer level meter with silo-based network communications management software; the weight of cocoa level meter monitoring system via LAN, Internet or dial-up remote monitoring; This system uses industrial design standards, through the data cable, technology, the intelligent sensor system transmission; MONITOR weight maintenance level meter, signal isolation, reliable operation, anti-noise, motor drive. Level meter with a hammer versatile interface for PC or ActiveX software, enabling wireless communication.
                • Silo Monitoring Unit (SMU)
                  Power Requirements: 115VAC or 230VAC, 50/60 Hz
                  Power Consumption: 6VA continuous, 50VA intermittent
                  Altitude: 6562ft (2000m) maximum
                  Installation Category: II
                  Pollution Degree: 4, Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
                  Process Temperature: -40∼ F to 300∼ F (-40∼ C to 149∼ C)
                  Ambient Operating Temperature: -40∼ F to 150∼ F (-40∼ C to 65∼ C)
                  Maximum Internal Bin Temp: Up to 300∼F (149∼C) with use of
                  bare stainless steel cable;
                  Up to 200∼F (93∼C) with use of
                  stainless steel jacketed cables
                  Measurement Range: 150 feet maximum (45.7 m)
                  Measurement Rate: 1.0ft/sec (typical) (0.3 m/s)
                  Accuracy: ㊣ 0.25% of distance reading
                  Repeatability: 0.1ft (30 mm)
                  Resolution: 0.01ft (0.12in/3mm)
                  Conduit Entry: (2) 3/4§ NPT
                  Mounting: Freeze-Resistant ※K§ flange, 8§dia w/ 7§ bolt circle
                  Cable: 1/16" nylon-jacketed (270lb/123kg tensile strength)
                  3/64" SS unjacketed (270lb/123kg tensile strength)
                  1/16" polyethylene-jacketed, (270lb/123kg tensile strength)
                  Output Signal:
                  Standard ※Smart§: RS-485 half-duplex, isolated, proprietary protocol
                  Pulse: 1 pulse per 1/10ft or dm, isolated, dry contact, selectable:
                  0.1ft - 12Hz, time-on 40mS, time-off 45mS
                  dm - 4Hz, time-on 40mS, time-off 210mSAC Pulse - 70mA max @ 24-250VAC
                  DC Pulse - 70mA max @ 24VDC
                  Relay Output 每 5A @ 250VAC max, isolated, dry contact
                  Analog: 4-20mA, reversible to 20-4mA, isolated;
                  500 Ohms maximum loop resistance
                  Relay Output 每 5A @ 250VAC max, isolated, dry contact

                  Input Signal:
                  Sound (Pulse, Analog) Vhi 每 98-265VAC/VDC, 9.5K ohm input, isolated
                  Vlo 每 20-55VAC/VDC, 2.0K ohm input, isolated
                  Lockout (All) Vhi 每 98-265VAC/VDC, 9.5K ohm input, isolated
                  Vlo 每 20-55VAC/VDC, 2.0K ohm input, isolated
                  Wiring Distance (※smart§): 4,000ft (1,220m) maximum
                  Address Determination (※smart§): 1-16 (switch selectable)
                  Internal Display (Analog): 2 lines, 8 characters per line, LCD
                  Shipping Weight: 35lbs (15.6kg)
                  Enclosure: Cast aluminum w/ powder coat finish
                  Overall Dimensions: 24.06§ x 10.25§ x 7.94§ (611mm X 260mm X 202mm)(H x W x D)
                  Plumb Bob Weight: 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
                  Air Purge Connection: 1/4§ NPT
                  Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X, IP66
                  Ordinary Location: CSAUS/C, CE Mark
                  Hazardous Location: CSAUS/C Class II, Div. 1 & 2, Groups E, F & G
                  ATEX II 1/2 Dc T 75∼C

                • Please call the customer service hotline conasen 4006005217
                • Please call the customer service hotline conasen 4006005217
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