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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

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                name£ºMONITOR Guided Wave Radar liquid transmitter

                introduction£ºMONITOR guided wave radar level gauge is based on the principle of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDRT im eDomain Reflectometry) based radar level meter, time domain reflectometer principle first is used for communication cable fault detection, and today we will be guided wave radar level gauge successfully applied in the field of industrial measurement. Electromagnetic pulse to the speed of light propagation along the cable or probe, when faced with the measured medium surface, the guided wave radar level gauge formed part of the echo pulse is reflected along the same path back to the pulse transmitting means transmitting device under test from the surface of the media during the same pulse propagation time is proportional to the polarity and amplitude of the echo depends on the upper medium and lower dielectric constant ¦År. In general, the upper medium is usually a gas, the dielectric constant close ¦År1.0, the lower the higher the dielectric constant measured.

                • MONITOR Flexar four-wire guided wave radar level gauge is based on the time domain reflectometry based on the principle of radar level gauge, maximum range of 60 meters; four-wire guided wave radar level gauge with a header display, keypad calibration; the guided wave radar gauge performance, powerful, explosion-proof certification is optional. Guided wave radar level gauge measurement from the dust, particle density, temperature, medium temperature up to 250 ¡æ. Guided wave radar level gauge optional analog output to an existing control systems or display devices.
                • Guided wave radar level gauge MONITOR technical parameters are as follows:

                  Accuracy Liquid: Range less than 6m when, 5mm / 0.02% of measured value
                          Solid: 20mm
                  Temperature drift 0.01% / ¡æ
                  0.3mm or 1mm repeatability
                  Medium temperature -50 ~ 250 ¡æ
                  Flange Temperature -30 ~ 200 ¡æ / 150 ¡æ Explosion-proof
                  Ambient temperature -20 ~ 50 ¡æ
                  Pressure 40bar / optional 100bar (at 20 ¡æ and use 316SS flange)
                  Optional LCD meter display
                  Standard Output 4 ~ 20mA/HART/RS485/Profibus-PA/FF
                  Troubleshooting 22mA output
                  Supply 100 ~ 240VAC / 21 ~ 27VDC
                  Housing material aluminum oxide coating is also
                  Protection class IP67
                  Ex ATEX II 1G or II 1/2 D T 100 ¡æ EEX ia II
                          C T6 ... T3 or EEX ia II B T6 ... T3
                  Weight 8Kg (without probe) / 9Kg (without probes, explosion)


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