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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

                Customer service hotline : 400-600-5217      010-84917838

                Measuring principle
                /Net111Edit/UploadFile/20091111103510242.swf   The pressure sensing element of the UE Pressure Switch is a force-balance, piston-actuated assembly. The sensing element is sealed by a flexible diaphragm and a static o-ring. There are only three wetted parts in this arrangement: a pressure port, a diaphragm and an o-ring. A wide selection of wetted parts materials for media compatibility and containment is available. A metal diaphragm may be welded to the pressure port for certain applications, thereby eliminating the o-ring Media pressure on the piston counteracts the force of the range spring (adjustable by the adjusting nut) which moves the piston shaft only a few thousandths of an inch to directly actuate the electrical snap-action switching element that is enclosed in the hermetically sealed steel capsule. This design results in low friction and virtually no wear. The electrical switching element is isolated from corrosive atmosphere
                Application guidelines

                Pumps and compressors ¨C start/stop, optimizing,
                shutdown, staging
                .Lubricating oil monitoring ¨C sump temperature,
                bearing pressure, predictive maintenance
                .Hydraulic oil pressure ¨C high pressure monitoring,
                emergency shutdown, ram cycling
                .Filter monitoring ¨C automatic backwash, clog and
                change indication, proving flows. pipeline & pumping station
                 flame protection systems
                 Chemical Process
                 power plants and thermal power plants
                 rotating equipment manufacturers
                 integrated system
                 steel mills and aluminum
                 pulp mill
                 food and beverage plants
                 Pharmaceutical Factory

                Product list
                • 24series UE Pressure Switches

                • 120 Series UE Press.switch

                  As safety requirements become more stringent, the determining factor in specifying an industrial pressure, differential pressure and/ or temperature switch rests upon that switch protecting equipment, processes and personnel. Meeting hazardous location requirements through adherence to UL, CSA, and ATEX standards, UE¡¯s 120 Series is the choice where potentially explosive or highly corrosive atmospheres exist.

                • The UE 100 Series Pressure Switch

                • 400 Series the UE mechanical pressure switch The 400 Series is a versatile family of vacuum, pressure, differential<BR>pressure and temperature switches for applications that require single or multiple switching capabilities. Dual and triple switch versions provide multi-output for alarm and shutdown, pre-alarm and alarm,<BR>high/low limit or level staging functions.

                • J6 Series UE Pressure Switches

                • 117series UE Pressure Switches

                • The UE 10 Series Pressure Switch the 10 Series is designed to meet most requirements for a variety of OEM and industrial applications. Just 1-1/4 inches in diameter and as small as 3 inches high, this compact, cylindrical switch mounts wherever space is at a premium. A reliable and cost-effective switch, the 10 Series is ideal for applications with high settings and surges. Among the tough applications in which the product has proven itself are: mobile hydraulic units, compactors, balers and lube oil systems.

                • The J40 framework UE mechanical pressure switch

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