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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

                Customer service hotline : 400-600-5217      010-84917838

                Brand introduction

                A globally recognized and respected supplier of industrial instrumentation, Flowline designs, manufactures and markets level measurement and control solutions for chemical, water and wastewater applications. We enable industrial manufacturers and municipalities to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid assets. Our quality solutions automate tank processes, protect the environment and ensure workplace safety. Flowline products are sold and supported worldwide through our stocking distribution partners. Customers include design engineers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, facility management and maintenance decision makers. The leading criteria for product selection are reliability, performance and ease of use. We do your level best through our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

                Brand characteristics

                Flowline ultrasonic level sensors feature our patented digital signal processing technology that delivers the Flowline advantage, accurate and reliable, non-contact measurement of chemical, water and wastewater from 0.25m-10m. This adaptive technology creates a living map of your tank process and continuously optimizes sensor power, obstacle recognition and rejection, signal output filtering, environmental noise rejection and fail-safe diagnostics. Packaged in advanced thermoplastics for corrosive applications, Flowline ultrasonic sensors require little or no maintenance, and provide better performance than contact devices which generally suffer from prolonged liquid contact. The Flowline DSP advantage delivers the following application benefits:

                Robust non-contact level measurement from 0.25m-10m
                .0.2% accuracy with little or no degradation over the range
                .Auto-adaptive signal output filtering smooths liquid agitation
                .Narrow 2" beam width for installation near walls or obstacles
                .Tight 2" dead band optimizes the filling capacity of small tanks

                Product list
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