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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

                Customer service hotline : 400-600-5217      010-84917838

                Brand introduction

                1958, the birth of ISOTHERMIC SWISS for the exclusively distribution of foreign manufactured products in the Italian market.

                1970 the birth of OIL METER, manufacturing volumetric flow-meters for the chemical and petroleum industries.

                1988 the birth of GRUPPO ISOIL from the merger of Isothermic Swiss and Oil Meter.

                1993 the offices in Milan transfer to the new ISOIL building.
                 The Foundation of the OIL METER SISTEMI company for the development of industrial process automation software.
                 In the same YEAR commences the manufacturing of Electro Magnetic flow-meters.

                1998 the birth of HEMINA, manufacturing the ISOMAG line of Electro-magnetic flow-meters

                2000 the Group creates two new companies: ISOIL IMPIANTI specializing in the movement of hydrocarbons and ISOIL INDUSTRIA which continues the commercial activities of selling foreign brands of instrumentation and its line of flow-meters under the ISOMAG brand.

                2001 reorganization of the sale structure of ISOIL INDUSTRIA into the following divisions ISOCONTROL, ISOTHERMIC, ISOTRACK and ESTERO.

                2006 the launch of the innovative magnetic flow-meter FLOWIZ? the first magnetic flow-meter in the world to be powered by battery and with the ability to communicate wirelessly over the GPRS network.

                2008 HEMINA moves to a new larger production facility.

                2009 certification of MID001 /OIML-R49 and MID004 of ISOMAG flow-meters powered by AC and/or DC.

                2011 the launch of the new product-line ISONRG?for energy measurement with the relevant certification MID004 / EN1434.

                Launch of the new FLOWIZ NEXT.


                2012 Birth of the Chinese branch ISOIL INDUSTRIA HONG KONG LTD.
                 HEMINA doubled its facility in Montagnana with the construction of a second building..
                 The launch of the new line of ultrasonic flow-meters ISOFLUX.
                 The launch of ISOD@M software.
                 The MID001 and OIML-R49 certification of FLOWIZ, the battery powered magnetic flow-meter.

                Brand characteristics

                ISOIL is a full range of electromagnetic flow meters from DN3 to DN2000 and pressure up to 250 bar. They are available in compact or separate version, wafer (up to DN400) or flanged mounting, with a wide range of options for electrodes and lining materials. The isoil range includes sanitary design 3A certified for food applications, or WRAS approved material for drinking water applications. Isoil flow meters are MID001 and MID004 and OIML R49-1 certified making them suitable for custody transfer purpose. A range of insertion flow meters allow installation and removal from the pipe while under pressure.

                ISOIL sensors can be connected to a wide choice of converters from simple 2wire design, to high speed sampling for fast filling applications. Optional outputs/interfaces like MODBus, Profibus, Hart, and data logging are available. A powerful battery powered converter with pressure inputs and GPRS wireless communication may be paired with all flow tube sensors in the range.

                The meters are manufactured and tested in an ISO 9001 and OHSA 18001 certified plant, following international guidelines for flow meter manufacturing such as ISO4064 or EN14154.

                Product list
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