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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

                Customer service hotline : 400-600-5217      010-84917838

                Brand introduction

                Royce Technologies began in 1987 with the objective to become a primary global supplier of high quality monitoring and control instrumentation and sensors specifically designed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. On a daily basis that object becomes more of a reality, as Royce is recognized throughout the wastewater treatment industry as very innovative with a focus on understanding the biological wastewater treatment process. There are now over 70 professional sales representative companies with over 100 offices around the world supported by seven Field Engineering managers who all live and work in the regions for which they are responsible. Factory trained Technical Support and Inside Sales groups are available in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

                Brand characteristics

                All Royce products conform to the international ISO-9001 quality standard and meet UL, CSA and CE electrical conformance specification standards. Other markets in which Royce might be found are mining, pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical processing, aquaculture, and the power and steam generating industries.

                Product list
                • ROYCE Suspended solids analyzer The Model 7011A Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Analyzer is the tried and true performer that has buttressed the Royce line of solids analyzers for years. Still the most used TSS analyzer in the industry, the Model 7011A is the primary single channel offer in the Royce line of analyzers.

                • ROYCE DO analyzer PPM level dissolved oxygen analyzer series of four series: 9000Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer with the probe of the 95A and 99models; 9100 dissolved oxygen analyzer, with the 95A and 99types of probe; 9200 dissolved oxygen analysisinstrument, with the96A model of the probe used; 9300 dissolved oxygen analyzer isspecifically designed for large pond with the buoy sensors.

                • ROYCE MLSS analyzer. ROYCE 711 portable sludge concentration meter sturdywaterproof, suitable for long-range precision sampling, the sludgeconcentration meter can be very reliable analysis of wastewater treatment, rivers, lakes and other water-hybrid system. 71 probe isdesigned specifically for portable sludge concentration meter,made ​​of epoxy resin cast.

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