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                GPI Application Sheet

                Company Type: Concrete Contractor/Equipment

                GPI Model Number: 01N31GM and A109GMN100NA1

                Market: Stone/Clay/Cement

                Application Category: Monitoring

                Application: Monitor the water added to the cement batch in the mixing truck after it has left thebatch plant. Several state Departments of Transportation require that if a truck will be used in DOTcontract work, it will be equipped with a meter and any water added to the mix will be logged. Thestrength of concrete is dependent, to a large degree, on the amount of water used in the mix. AllDOT and most other contracts specify the "Slump" or stiffness of the mix along with a list of otherattributes. Redi-mix plants maintain very specific recipes for the different grades of concrete.When excess water is added in the field, the quality of concrete is compromised. It is very impor-tant that the redi-mix company and the customer can verify that any specific batch falls within thetolerances of the original recipe. Place the meter in-line on the truck between the water storagetank and the mixing drum. Valves are arranged so that any water added to the mixing drum will bemetered. Note: Remote display option requires A1 meter choice.

                Problem: Drivers need to addwater on site to bring the mix tosuitable slump rating. Theamount of add water is verysubjective and is not monitored.This results in varinaces inbatches and quality of product.

                Solution: Add a flowmeter inline to monitor any water addedto the mix.

                Advantages ofusing GPI:

                ♦ Battery operated♦Compact Design

                ♦NEMA 4 Enclosure


                ♦Not dependent on  mounting orientation

                ♦Remote display option   requires A1 meter   choice

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