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                The concrete solution of level measurement andflows on channels, signifies using of Nivelcoproducts in broad scale.

                Most  frequented sensor on mentioned plants is serie of compact sensors EchoTREK ST, SE, SP. This seriesof applications includes circa 40 pcs. these products.This is series of compact sensors, which are offered inmeasurement ranges 4,6,8,10,15 and 25m. Sensors are adjustableby removable display, which is universal for all products of Nivelcoor newly by HARTprotocol. Intelligent sensor is able in base tomeasure not only level, but it can cope with agitator. Formeasurement on open channels it is equipped by mathematicalfunction of Parshall flumes P1-P10, further it enables readjustmentparameters of function and setting of 32 points linearization curvewit optimalization. Three wire version is equipped by relay outputwith adjustable summarization function. Version with datalogger isprepared for tests. The sensor is compact in case of request it isable to join it with wall designed unit Multicont.


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