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                SIKA Turbine flow sensor Application Water softener

                Application Water softener
                Product: Turbine flow sensor VTH 20 / VTH 25,
                flow switch
                Line of business: Water treatment systems manufacture
                Application field: Water softeners are applied in houses and industrial buildings in order to protect the piping system against corrosion and calcification.
                Description: There are 2 kinds of the water softening, the chemical process and the physical
                At the chemical process an ion exchange takes place. For this the water flows
                through a resin bed which binds all calcium and magnesium ions and replaces
                them by sodium ions. Afterwards the totally softened water is mixed with tap water
                until the desired grade of hardness is reached. If the resin bed is saturated, it must
                be regenerated. Here all hardness ingredients are rinsed out of the resin bed by
                means of a saline solution and are led into the waste water. The process can start
                With the physical process there are different kinds of the water treatment, like
                electromagnetism, electrostatics or electrical alternating fields.
                All procedures have the same effect: The lime is caused to form crystals.
                The surface of the lime particles changes and thus they lose their ability to settle at
                pipes and are completely rinsed out of the system by the water flow. Essential minerals
                remain however in the water!¡±
                Customer benefits: The advantages result from the respective procedure:
                ¡ì chemical process
                The SIKA turbine flow sensor determines the regeneration time dependent on
                the water volume.
                ¡ì physical process
                The SIKA flow switch serves as ¡°tap detection¡± and starts and/or stops the
                water treatment process.
                The SIKA turbine flow sensor detects the current flow, which serves as control
                variable for the intensity of the water treatment.
                Additionally the SIKA turbine flow sensor serves in both procedures as leakage
                protection, since the water supply is stopped, if the flow exceeds an in an electronic
                preset value.
                Further advantages of the SIKA flow switch in the overview:
                - low pressure drop
                - instant response
                - high repeatability
                - switches independently of pressure and temperature
                Further advantages of the SIKA turbine flow sensor in the overview:
                - compact design
                - wide measuring range
                - starting with small flow rates

                            Illustration 1:Model of a water softening systemwith integrated flow sensor

                Illustration 2:Photo of a water softening system with integrated SIKA-flow sensor

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