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                Application Turbine flow sensor Drinking Systems/Watering place systems

                Application Drinking Systems/Watering place systems
                Product: Turbine flow sensor VTH 20 MS-42
                Line of business: Poultry farming equipment manufacture
                Application field: Nipple-Drinking-Systems for agricultural animal keeping are used for example in
                the following ranges: chick breeding in cage or ground keeping;
                putting hens and parents animals in cage or ground keeping; rabbit fattening;
                turkey raising and fattening; duck raising and fattening; pig breeding/keeping and
                cattle farming.
                Description: On the basis of the water quantity, vitamins and chemicals are added by an
                electrical dosing-system in principle as well as prophylactic medicine. In case of
                illness further medicaments will be added. The mixture is then supplied to the
                animals by a tubing system and the nipple drinkers. The flow rate of the water is
                the reference for the dosage of the different media.
                Customer benefits: The accuracy of the water metering is important for the dosage in order to avoid an
                The VTH 20 MS-42 has on this occasion the following advantages:
                - reacts independently of temperature and pressure changes
                - high repeatability
                - wide measuring range

                Application photo:


                                           Illustration 1 (Source: Fa. Lubing)


                                             Illustration 2 (Source: Fa. Lubing)

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