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                Application Temperature calibrator Production of infusion solutions

                Application Production of infusion solutions
                Product: Temperature calibrator TP 38000
                Area of application: Production of individual solutions for different medicine-technical ranges e.g.:Infusion therapy, nourishing therapy and chemotherapy
                Description: During the production of infusion solutions temperature sensors are used in
                different ranges.
                On the one hand when "mixing" the infusion solutions, on the other hand in the
                filling up and packing chain, where the manufactured solutions are filled in sterile
                one-way bags or bottles. In a third range of application temperature sensors are
                used as data logger during the sterilisation in so-called sterilisation cabinets.
                Here the sensors are inserted during the sterilisation into the sterilizer and
                monitor the process. The data detected that way is read out after the
                procedure. During the production of these solutions certain standards must be kept
                and therefore has quality highest priority. For this reason exact and reliable
                sensors must be used. In order to ensure the quality of the infusion solutions, the
                stability of the temperature sensors must be proved by regularly examination.
                Customer benefits: SIKA¡¯s temperature calibrators are durable, easy to transport and very simple to
                use. Further benefits of SIKA¡®s calibrators:
                - The temperature can be set and displayed accurately to 0,01¡ãC
                - Temperature range between ¨C30 ¡ãC and 650 ¡ãC
                - Delivery is optionally possible with a certificate of the Deutsche Kalibrierdienst
                (DKD) or a SIKA works certificate
                By its variety of different adapter sleeves, the SIKA calibrator offers the possibility
                to examine temperature sensors with different diameters.
                By its high accuracy the SIKA calibrator ensures the stability of the temperature
                sensors and therefore of the quality of the infusion solutions and the sterility of the
                Application photo:

                Illustration 1£ºPhoto of a system for the filling of infusion solutions

                Illustration 2: Photo of a system for the mixing of infusion solutions

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