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                OFFICAL BLOG ÖÐÎÄ°æ | ENGLISH

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                Measuring principle

                In order to measure the flow of a medium in a pipe, ultrasonic signals are used, employing the transit time difference principle. Ultrasonic signals are emitted by a transducer installed on one side of a pipe, reflected by the opposite pipe wall and received by a second transducer. These signals are emitted alternately in the flow direction and against it. As the medium in which the signals propagate is flowing, the transit time of the ultrasonic signals in the flow direction is shorter than against the flow direction. The transit time difference, £Gt, is measured and allows the flowmeter to determine the average flow velocity along the propagation path of the ultrasonic signals. A flow profile correction is then performed in order to obtain the area averaged flow velocity, which is proportional to the volumetric flow rate. The received ultrasonic signals will be checked for their usefulness for the measurement and the plausibility of the measured values will be evaluated. The complete measuring cycle is controlled by the integrated microprocessors.Disturbance signals will be eliminated. Calculation of Volumetric Flow Rate Q = kRe * A *ka *t/(2 *tfl) where: Path of the ultrasonic signal Transit time difference ƒ´t Q - volumetric flow rate kRe - fluid mechanics calibration factor A - cross-sectional area of the pipe ka - acoustical calibration factor t - transit time difference tfl - transit time in the medium

                Application guidelines

                Designed for the following industries:
                - Chemical industry
                - Water and waste water industry
                - Cooling systems and air conditioners
                - Facility management
                - Aviation industry

                Product list
                • FLEXIM explosion-proof ultrasonic flow meter ADM8027

                  FLEXM ADM 8027 ultrasonic flowmeter explosion-proof, fixed installation, protection grade IP66, explosion-proof certification ATEX, for use in hazardous areas (Zone 1, 2), all electronic components placed in explosion-proof housing, the terminal and junction boxes using "increased safety" protection, which works for the transit-time, the use of ultrasound signal propagation velocity in the fluid and the fluid flow velocity measurement.

                • FLEXIM panel mounted ultrasonic flowmeter ADM7907

                  The FLUXUS ADM 7907 is the 19" inch rack version of the highly versatile FLUXUS ADM 7407 liquid flow meter.

                • FLEXIM economy ultrasonic flowmeter ADM5107/5207

                  As a non-intrusive clamp on flow meter, the FLUXUS ADM 5107 /5207is the ideal solution for retrofitting in existing networks without interruption of supply lines. Thanks to the clamp-on technology, no cutting or welding work is needed to mount the transducers on the pipe. During installation, the flow meter's user interface is automatically adapted to the connected transducers and no zeroing is necessary. Water is already pre-selected as medium and it's physical properties are stored in the flowmeter's memory.

                • FLEXIM offshore ultrasonic flowmeter ADM8017/G800

                  The FLUXUS ADM 8127 flow meter for liquids is FLEXIM's solution for explosion hazard environments Offshore (being ATEX (IECEx) approved for usage in zones 1 and 2).With a flameproof field-enclosure made entirely of stainless steel, the flow meter is permanently sea spray and seawater proof and can easily be operated by a magnet pen without having to open the housing.

                • FLEXIM multifunctional ultrasonic flowmeter ADM7407/G704

                  The FLUXUS ADM 7407 is delivered with one or two flow measurement channels. Additionally, it can be equipped with various outputs and up to 4 process inputs. The input quantities (e.g. temperature or pressure) can be used by the flowmeter together with the measured flow for the calculation of further quantities: e.g. energy, mass flow, etc.

                • FLEXIM portable ultrasonic flowmeter F601/G601

                  The FLUXUS F601/G601 is the portable clamp-on flow meter of choice for servicing and maintenance activities, the control and auditing of measurement points not covered by permanent meters, or even the temporary replacement of permanently installed flow meters.

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