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                OFFICAL BLOG 笢恅唳 | ENGLISH

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                Measuring principle

                The UE temperature switch use the principle of thermal expansion of a fluid to cause displacement of a bellows, diaphragm, bourdon tube, or piston to open or close a set of contacts. Fluid system based temperature switches can be connected to a remote fluid containing bulb by a capillary tube, allowing the switch element to be remote from the sensing bulb.

                Application guidelines

                Typical areas of applications:
                .Pumps and compressors 每 start/stop, optimizing, shutdown, staging
                .Lubricating oil monitoring 每 sump temperature, bearing pressure, predictive maintenance
                .Hydraulic oil pressure 每 high pressure monitoring, emergency shutdown, ram cycling
                .Filter monitoring 每 automatic backwash, clog and change indication, proving flow
                .Safety systems 每 safety integrity levels 1 & 2, alarm and shutdown, local switching, fast response time
                .Plant upgrades 每 power and wastewater plant upgrades

                Product list
                • The UE 120 Series Temperature Switch As safety requirements become more stringent, the determining factor in specifying an industrial pressure, differential temperature switch rests upon that switch protecting equipment,processes and personnel. Meeting hazardous location requirements through worldwide approvals and certifications, UEs 120 Series is the choice where potentially explosive or highly corrosive atmospheres exist.

                • The UE 100 Series of general-purpose temperature switch The UE 100 Series Far EasTone temperature switch selectable 50 feet of copper or stainless steel capillary with the protection of armored cable can also choose to, you can choose a detachable reservoirs and composite connectors. 100 Series Temperature Switch used in pumps and compressors, fire protection systems, temperature control systems, etc..

                • The UE 400 Series mechanical temperature switch The UE 400 Series general-purpose multi-output mechanical temperature switch, Far EasTone temperature switch selectable 50 feet of copper or stainless steel capillary with the protection of armored cable can also choose a variety of switch output options include manual reset, adjustable deadband, DPDT.

                • The UE 55 series with an external reference scale mechanical temperature switch Bulb and capillary material of the UE55 series with an external reference scale mechanical temperature switch selectable for copper or stainless steel capillary up to 30 feet in length, all series temperature switch can select the sheath and connected components, a variety of switch output options, includingmanually move the reset, reduce the value of the dead zone and 20A current.

                • The UE 54 Series Economy Mechanical temperature switches

                  UE54 Series temperature switch is a multi-purpose temperature switch in the General Conditions, the temperature switch temperature adjustment range from -130 to 650 ?F (-90 to 340 ?C), this temperature switch with a reference scale or screw adjustment, NEMAa framework design structure is designed for OEM applications.

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